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Medicare is confusing. You get close to turning 65 and the government (Medicare and Social Security) start sending you all kinds of things…including a huge book called Medicare and YOU! That book has a lot of information in it. But who has time to learn all of that?? Certainly not you. But I spend all day, every day helping make Medicare simple for people.

Health insurance can be confusing enough -- and up until this point, the company you or your spouse works for has presented a couple (if you’re lucky) plans for you to choose from each year, and that was that.

But now a whole new world of health insurance is at your disposal. YOU get to decide what type of plan you want, and you get to choose which insurance carrier provides you that coverage. Oh, and then there’s the whole timing thing…when can you sign up, do you have to sign up when you turn 65 even if you’re still working, DO you have to sign up if you’re already collecting Social Security benefits? What if I’m older than 65 and I’m planning on retiring soon?

Let me guide you through the whole process, step by step. If you’re turning 65 or retiring in the next 6 months to a year, let’s lay down your roadmap. I’ll meet with you, I’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done and when, give you all the guidance you need and if you want me to, I’ll even fill out the forms with you when the time comes.

There’s one very important thing you need to know – the plan that your friend is on, the plan that your brother or sister is on, the plan that your neighbors tell you is the best… MAY be a good policy for them. That does not mean it’s a good one for you.

When it’s time to pick your plan, we’ll talk about the doctors you see, the medications you take, and any health concerns you have. We’ll talk about what your monthly budget is for health insurance. We’ll talk about how much traveling you do. I’ll ask you all the questions that will help me find plans that fit what you need. Then I’ll present the most comprehensive and cost-effective plans for YOU.

I’ve lived in Mercer County for over 21 years, but I’ve spent my whole life in the area, growing up in Hunterdon, then living in Middlesex and Somerset before settling down in Ewing. I know the doctors, the hospitals, the physical therapist, and the pharmacies that you know and trust.

I also am not captive to one insurance carrier. I’ll find the best plan for you from any insurance carrier that has plans in your area…I have no bias. The only thing important to me is getting to know you and your family and helping you make the best decisions for YOU.

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