Senior Benefits and Beyond

Medicare IS confusing. We’ll make it simple. From when to sign up to enrollment and beyond, we’ll take you through the process and be here for any questions that come up down the line.

Meet the Team

Robin Tefft


Senior Benefits and Beyond was born out of a major pivot in my life and the realization that I needed to actually help people make Medicare, something very confusing, SIMPLE.

I’m a life-long resident of NJ. Born and raised in Hunterdon County, a graduate of Rider College in Lawrenceville (yes, it was a “college” before it became a University…) and now a resident of Ewing since 2005.

I know your doctors, the hospitals, your physical therapists, your pharmacies. I live here too.

For me, it’s all about relationships. I’m accountable to you because your health insurance is something I take seriously. I want you covered and protected as comprehensively as possible, and I want to help you get the plans that best fit your financial means as well.

You’ll see me in the grocery stores, walking the neighborhood, at church, in our favorite restaurants and at community events. I’m not someone who you’ll never hear from again…

Our relationship doesn’t end after we enroll you in a plan. That’s when it really begins.

(609) 379-2887




AKA: The best little doggie in the whole wide universe.

When this little guy came into our lives in October 2007, we had no idea how much love he was
bringing with him! There was something different—something so special—about him. He was
SO expressive, and so attached to his “mommy” and “daddy,” and we will always be so attached
to him.

In March 2020, he was diagnosed with a horrible disease called SARDS. It literally took his
eyesight overnight. He went to Heaven on July 3, 2021, and not a day goes by that we don’t miss

To honor him and the love he brought to our little family, I wanted to include him as a mascot
for Senior Benefits and Beyond. The little cartoon drawings of him that you see make me
smile…and I hope they show you that Medicare doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming
when you have someone by your side to help and to make every moment a little more fun.

Inbisat S.
Inbisat S.
Robin puts in 100% into everything she does. What a great resource!!!
Kathleen Z.
Kathleen Z.
Laurie E.
Laurie E.
Robin Tefft (FJDTech T.
Robin Tefft (FJDTech T.
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