SimplyFit offers a full Fitness Center with a strength circuit, free weights, and cardio equipment, as well as a variety of group fitness class formats to provide all fitness levels the opportunity to JUST KEEP MOVING and feel better! There are plenty of options to stay active & smiling.

Freda’s Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

Bringing Your Backyard Dreams to Life!

Over 30+ years of landscape and hardscape design and installation.

Freda’s Landscaping has been providing top-quality landscape and hardscape services in the Mercer County area since 1987. Fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

Princeton Family Care


Our children are our most valuable assets. We understand the trust placed into our hands and provide the utmost compassionate care accordingly.  We care for all your children-from those just a few days old to the college-bound.


Our team of primary care physicians are the portal to your day-to-day well-being.  We apply a special holistic approach to treating your body and take preventative measures in keeping you healthy.


Accidents are part of life, but fortunately most are reparable given prompt and proper treatment.  At PFC, that’s exactly what you can expect from our physicians who have worked long hours in the emergency room setting.  They are experienced in tending to all types of wounds, from burns to lacerations to anything else that could pretty much happen.


Sleep is undeniably an integral part of our everyday lives.  We, at PFC, understand the trouble experienced by those who can’t sleep properly and take it personally.  For the convenience of our sleep-deprived patients, we offer home sleep testing with the easy-to-use, reliable SleepView monitor.  The results are then interpreted by the experts at CleveMed, who can pinpoint your problem.


Our eyes are the lens through which we see the world and our most powerful cameras. For the convenience of our patients, PFC provides the eye care services of Dr. Gerald Dunham, a board certified ophthalmologist and director of the Princeton Flemington Eye Institute.  Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Dunham can do everything from prescribe glasses to detect the most intricate ocular diseases.


If there is one thing you can’t live without,  it’s unarguably the heart. That’s why, at PFC, your cardiovascular healthcare is a heartbeat away.  We have an on-site Echo Lab, where certified sonographers can perform EKG for our patients.  The data is interpreted by board certified cardiologist Dr. Banu Mahalingam of Cardiology Associates of Princeton.  Dr. Mahalingam is also available for consult on select days at our practice.

Orlando Family Chiropractic

Mary Orlando
Dr. Mary was introduced to Chiropractic after she had a bad fall in her early twenties. After finding no relief in traditional medical pathways, she decided to seek chiropractic care and immediately felt relief from the intense pain that had been plaguing her back. The benefits didn’t stop at pain relief. She was delighted to find that after several months of regular chiropractic care, some long-standing health issues were resolved as well.


Greg Orlando
Dr. Greg was introduced to Chiropractic through his father who had injured his back doing construction work. His father responded positively to his chiropractic care and the Chiropractor explained that in addition to helping acute injuries, chiropractic care also helps to maintain good health. So from the age of 8, Dr. Greg received regular chiropractic care and as a result, was a healthy child who rarely got sick. He really appreciated chiropractic after he started riding dirt bikes because his neck would lock up after riding. But after being adjusted, he had dramatically less pain and tension and much greater range of motion in his neck.

With the intense desire to help others and after seeing how Chiropractic dramatically improved their own lives, Mary and Greg attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia and both graduated with high honors in 1988. They opened their practice the following year and have been serving their community ever since.

West Trenton Animal Hospital

West Trenton Animal Hospital provides quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in West Trenton, NJ, and the surrounding Mercer County communities, including parts of Pennsylvania. We have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility with boarding, and boast superb veterinarians and numerous caring support staff dedicated to our patients, clients, and community.

Stoneking Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

We treat people whose movement and physical abilities are impaired by injury, surgery, disease, or aging. Our goal is to help you regain function and mobility, manage pain and return to your fullest level of activity.

We will meet with you to assess your condition and establish goals. We will then implement a course of treatment that may include strength and conditioning exercises, as well as leading-edge pain control techniques, posture exercises, and balance activities.


How this program benefits you:

  • Our professional staff will design an exercise program specific to your needs.
  • You will exercise one on one under the guidance of our professional staff.
  • It is standard operating procedure to obtain blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse oxygen levels pre and post-exercise
  • It is our mission to improve your numbers, whether it be blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, weight, etc.